Our Business

Our Business

At Investment Lab, we are committed to fostering Japan’s growth industries and further refining its investment culture.
We are committed to delivering value to our investors by providing alternative investment opportunities and supporting the growth of companies that can solve social issues through innovation.


Offer alternative investment opportunities to investors

We offer two alternative investment opportunity sets for clients – (1) funds to invest in startups that have potential to deliver innovations to Japan, and (2) a fund for diversified investments across Japanese publicly-listed small/mid-cap growth stocks.

Venture Capital
We also operate schemes such as target funds and corporate venture capital funds to cater to the specific needs of investors.
Listed Equity
Fund Business
We aim to deliver absolute returns by conducting time-consuming fundamental research for stock-picking from 4,000+ listed companies in Japan and by diversifying investments mainly across small/mid-cap growth stocks that are yet to be noticed by the market.


Offer advisory services to companies and investors

We offer comprehensive advisory services for various investment activities, catered to meet specific needs of each investor. These include evaluating investments and strategic partnership opportunities to foster business growth, managing corporate venture capital (CVC) operations, and providing support for improving investor relations.

Company strengths and characteristicsCompany strengths and characteristics

  1. 1Extensive financial industry expertise in M&A advisory,
    corporate research analysis, publicly traded equity investing,
    as well as access to top global/local companies.
  2. 2Our professionals conduct over 2,000 extensive interviews with companies annually,
    thus being able to grasp industry trends along with both success and failure stories.
    “We earn on our feet” and support the growth of companies.
  3. 3Our vastly experienced senior advisors and sector advisors provide guidance on
    investment decisions, management direction, and management support,
    complementing our sector expertise and ensuring investment governance.
  4. 4Since our foundation of the company, we have developed a solid organization
    and have invested in and provided various supports to both public and
    private growth companies.


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